July 25, 2013

George is probably the next Emma.

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Did I ever tell you I was a park ranger at Mt. Rushmore National Memorial in college?  Well I was.  And of course one of the famous faces carved was George Washington, our beloved first president.  They always took a poll at the park cafeteria of the visitors’ favorite president of all time and it was usually a close tie between George and Abraham Lincoln.

So when Will and Kate named their baby Prince George Alexander Louis yesterday, I was a little like, ‘aw, man they picked the stodgy one’.  I knew George was the family fave, but still. 

But then I remembered that even though George isn’t really that popular here in the States for little boys, we do have one really great George too.  Prince George isn’t named after George Washington, of course, but I it is nice that there’s someone I liked with the name.

I also remembered one other thing.  Watching the Friends episode where we found out what Rachel named her baby, I distinctly recall saying, “Just watch, the name Emma will be the most popular baby name in no time.”  And sure enough.  So maybe it’s just a matter of time before George skyrockets to popularity too.

I’m fairly certain HOWEVER that were Shaun and I to have any more kids, and if it happened to be a boy (NONE OF WHICH IS GOING TO HAPPEN, THIS IS THEORETICAL, NOT JOKING), we’d still go with Jack.

Oh, and since we were keeping track, remember the royal baby name game?  I picked Alexander and Lori picked Louis, so we weren’t totally off base.  Steph was TOTALLY disappointed they didn’t pick Skylar.

And in case you were wondering, I was pretty much the cutest park ranger in history.  If I can track down any pictures (packed away somewhere from our last move), I’ll share.

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