July 26, 2013

Daycare Whodunnit - our next crime case!

Posted by Ethne~

Ah, Friday!

Guess what’s starting Monday on Headline News (HLN)?  Another crime drama, this time out of Georgia – the daycare murder.  Prosecutors allege that Andrea Sneiderman manipulated her mentally ill boss/lover into murdering her husband over life insurance money.  And the murder occurred as the husband dropped the kids off at daycare!  Horrible!  The boss/lover is already convicted and Andrea’s trial is set to go Monday.

But the development yesterday was that prosecutors may be dropping murder charges against Andrea and she now may only be facing perjury charges (lying at the boss/lover’s trial) and cover-up charges from during the investigation.  Still prison time, but I’m sure Nancy Grace is RIOTING!!

Stay tuned.

credit: HLN; Get fully caught up over the weekend by reading this article here

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