July 22, 2013

Garden Bean Disaster.

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, I don't know what has happened to my garden this year, but it's awful. (My neighbors said they took their crappy garden leaves to our local nursery and they said lots of people are having a bad growing season and so IT'S NOT JUST ME.)

First, my grape tomato (the Tami G) shriveled and died.  It got all nobbly and yellow.  I'm sure it was diseased.  Thrifty Nana got me a replacement cherry tomato so WE'LL SEE.

Second, my string beans started out fine and then turned brown and shrivelly and stunted.  They stopped growing altogether and even looked like they were going to die completely.  Shaun gave them up for dead, but I kept tending them since I want pickled green beans, SHAUN.

Then I sprayed them with some anti-fungal that's supposed to help with 70 diseases (got it for the Tami G but it didn't help at all), fed them with Miracle Gro, and they are coming back a little bit.

Brown leaves down below.  New leaves still shrivelly.  Fingers crossed.

I'm still not very encouraged since they should be 5-7 feet tall by now, but I'm glad they're not dead.

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