July 9, 2013

GT Hair Tutorial: SOCK BUN!

Posted by Ethne~

Hey everyone - one last Girls Trip post!  While we were away, we played 'beauty parlor' and shared all our latest beauty tips and tricks.  One of the styles I often do on myself is the sock bun.  Done many ways (on Pinterest, a zillion pins), I've found this to be the easiest way.  I tried it out on Grizz, using my homemade sock bun insert (I cut the toe off a sock and rolled it up). (And PS, in the girls' accessories stand at Target, they have these sock bun inserts, ready-made, albeit in fluorescent colors.)
Put the ponytail wherever you want it.  Many of the sock bun styles have it in a high pony, though I prefer mine slightly lower.

Secure using a regular elastic ponytail holder.  Whatever you normally use will work fine.

Grab the ponytail through the center of the sock bun insert.

Push the insert to the very base of the ponytail (this is different from other instructions I've seen pinned, but it works for me and is super easy).

Tip your head forward and kind of evenly distribute the hair over the sock bun insert.  Now press your hand down on the center of the bun and start to twist the ends around and under the insert until it looks like...

THIS!  Keep wrapping and tucking in one direction only until it's all smooth, then secure with bobby pins.  I only had to use a few and Grizz has really thick hair.  The better you get at this technique, the fewer pins you'll need.

So much prettier than my usual sloppy ponytail!

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