July 31, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Last week my family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, nephews, etc.) were at the lake for a vacay.  We actually spend our week at Devil's Lake, ND.  Mom grew up just a 45 minute drive from the little city, ND town.  

My great grandparent's actually homesteaded to their farm.  No one is currently living at the farm house, however it is filled with MEMORIES AND HISTORY.

Nearby (and on my Grandparent's land) is an abandoned missile control center.  At one point, ND was filled with missiles pointed at the Soviet Union (back then it was the USSR).  My guess is that they picked ND, because if a missile from Russia did hit the US, ND is the perfect location.  It has such a low population. 

Apparently Grandpa wasn't given a choice.  He was told that a missile control center would be built on his land.  He was paid for this, however according to my mom he always said the government picked his "best" piece of land.

It currently sits empty and is in pretty bad shape.  Currently my Aunt and Uncle own the property.

What an awesome piece of history.  And, we were lucky to walk through those hallways!  

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Julie said...

Hi Lori. It was fun to read your post. I wrote a post on the site several years ago: "Echo-0 Chains Of Command Launch Control Facility."

Glad you got a chance to tour it. So much history there.