July 10, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I am actually in the process of debating my career goals.  I am very much considering a career change to law school.  Steve says it is decision done time to start studying for the LSAT.  I am comfortable and love what I do, but I am also scared.  Who knows?

Watching HLN non-stop is inspiring me.  I think the law is fascinating.  I also know that all of the attorneys have put their heart and soul into this case and are exhausted.  They even battled with the judge yesterday over the late hours (and she actually just walked off the bench).  I guess it is better to walk away then say something you will regret—right?

I have to tell you that I went into this trial with no set opinion.  It’s so complicated, but what I do know is that a 17-year-old boy is dead.  My heart aches for his family.  My heart also aches for George Zimmerman’s family.  They are scared, and his non-verbal communication tells me that he is scared too.

Today, George Zimmerman chose not to testify.  Ethne and I both believe that was the right decision.

I have a prediction on the outcome of this trial, and Ethne does too.  Not that I believe the outcome is right, but I don’t believe the state put on a strong prosecution.  In addition, I believe this case is filled with reasonable doubt.

I could be wrong, but I believe George Zimmerman will be found not-guilty on all counts.  Ethne and I will of course try to announce this live on the blog the MINUTE the verdict is in.  Stay tuned.

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