November 15, 2012


Posted by Ethne, Lori, Kari~

Well, here’s Shaun’s quote on the lefse: ‘epic fail’.  You heard it here first, Friends.  It’s not pretty.  I could be that I’m Swedish and Kari’s Polish.  It also could be that you probably needed to learn how to make it on your momma’s hip in order to do it well.  Regardless, it tastes awesome and we’ll blog about it soon.

Lefse is purely a time-filler though.  We’re counting down the last ever seconds until Twilight Breaking Dawn, Part 2, opens up.  That’s right bit&he$, we got tickets for midnight opener.  Decision Done.  The reviews said this is the best Twilight movie by far.  Hell to the Yes.

Now Shaun is telling Kari stories how every “bad” (according to him – “bad-a$$” according to me) thing that has happened to him in North Dakota (which I can’t deny has been every trip) has been with Lori and Steve.  That’s because he doesn’t have ND Tiger Blood.

Oh, this is what best friend evenings are made of. 

Lori, E and Kari - lefse is rocked out!

And here’s a special little giveaway:  If we get 3 new followers by 3pm tomorrow, I will post a picture of what I look like when I wake up tomorrow morning.


Tom said...

Totally enjoyed lefse making and Breaking Dawn 2 with you ladies. How you both managed three active preschoolers at bedtime while trying something new AND still looking great for the 11:30 p.m. showing of Breaking Dawn 2 is AMAZING!

Wom-Moms said...

Oh Kari (since you can't fool me, "Tom"), we had a great time too! Couldn't have done it without you!