November 5, 2012

{the} Ham Dip as a Cheeseball!

Posted by Ethne~

No one is more surprised than I am to report this – our Ham Dip post from April 2011 is FAR and ABOVE the most popular post of all time on this blog.  It is a seriously goooooood recipe, no doubt about it, but to be receiving double or more the views of any other post, of any other time and subject – that’s impressive, Friends.

I'm telling you, it's MAGICAL

It could have to do with us having hooked up with the fab blog Beyer Beware which linked up to ham dip on her hunk-of-meat-Mondays (though I'm not sure if we're linked up anymore since she re-did her blog design, which looks great!)  We are very thankful, Leah B!

I pull out the old Ham Dip recipe when I need a fail-safe recipe, but having only three ingredients, it doesn’t really have much going for it in the presentation department….UNTIL NOW!

I planned to make the ham dip to go along with a shower/luncheon to meet the new grandson of my co-worker.  (And a cutiepie little CWT is too!)  A stroke of genius told me that it would be great to make this into a cheeseball.  And I was SO VERY RIGHT.

The faux lettuce is really my dip-serving knife

I did everything the same, ingredient-wise: 2 softened 8 oz. blocks of cream cheese (I use neufatchel), 1 whole clump of green onions, sliced thin, 1 whole package of smoked ham luncheon meat (I used the 1lb family package), sliced and chopped to thin bits.  Mix thoroughly.

I additionally chopped up a bag of walnuts into fine bits to roll on my ham dip cheeseball.

Once the ham dip was mixed thoroughly, I grabbed it all up with *very clean hands* and formed it into a ball.  Once done, I grabbed handfuls of my chopped nuts and gently, but firmly pressed them into the ham dip ball.  I did this until it was all as covered as I could make it, then set it carefully on my serving plate.

I served with the usual Wheat Thins and Triscuits, though CWT’s mom had a genius idea to eat them with Fritos dippers.  TASTY.  I had a little knife to scoop up the ham dip cheeseball, so it was really easy to scoop onto plates or directly to crackers.


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