November 19, 2012


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Holy crap, Friends – the best friends and I have happened onto a gold mine.  A fantasy football league, except take out football and insert celebrities.  And except a half-year long season, once per year, it’s resolving 2-month seasons.  Have I died and gone to perpetual best friend heaven?

Lori, Kari and me (ignore that wack piece of bang I'm growing out)
Slags, Grizz, Steph and me

Yes, I have.

You see, discussions with my bffs, Steph, Grizz, Lori, Slags and Kari involve the usual – kids, husbands, pets (one-in-the-same-thing if you ask me), smutty books and INEVITABLY the latest celebrity news.  HELLO, Steph should write for tmz.  You should hear Steph and me when we get going about ‘Tan Mom’.  We are wiping away the tears of laughter, Friends.

Appropriately, I have a terrible chest cold right now, so I am hacking away as I cough-laugh-cry at this photo and Shaun may think I have lost my mind if I am reading his raised eyebrow correctly.  I realized moments ago that I forgot to include tan mom in my draft picks so I don't get to 'own' her.  Sad.

Steph gets all the important news on her iPad because she also subscribes to the key mags in paper.  At Kari’s & my office we have a subscription to People mag and it is one co-worker’s and my weekly challenge to guess what’s on the cover.  I have a decent guess-rate, though that’s gonna spike now. 

People is always so generous with their man-scapes (not to be confused with 'man-scaping' - TOTALLY DIFFERENT.)

That’s right.  Celebrity Fantasy Draft is going to shoot my expertise into the stratosphere, my Friends.  It’s genius!  You can check the website for the rules – you accrue points by the celebrities you’ve drafted and ‘own’ as they are published in the pages of celeb magazines each week.  Whomever has the most points at the end of the 2-month season wins.  Smack talk is encouraged. (If your celeb effs up or gets on the worst dressed list, you lose points.)

Let me tell you, we are drooling with our excitement.  Like we’re Lassie and we have hydrophobia.  It’s like a Christmas present, minus the rabies.  The first season, for us rookies, is free.  Each season after that is $20 (for the whole team, which is gonna be less than $5 apiece for our group), up to 20 people per league.

Our season starts officially in December, which is why we did our draft yesterday.  It was rough, especially with us separated, and hard to pick, but we did all get several of our draft choices.  Slags hauled with the Kardashians; I hauled with the royals and the Obamas.  We’ll keep you posted!!!  If you do this, please comment so we can ‘hook up’ our leagues and keep track of how each other’s scores and celebs are doing.


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