November 2, 2012

DOUBLE-HEADER FRIDAY: A Very Vampy Halloween!

 Posted by Ethne~

Halloween went well in the D household – if you count Easy Mac having the runs before trick-or-treating and refusing to put make-up on (besides red lipstick) and KD throwing up from too much candy after trick-or-treating.  As I told brand-new-mom, Grizz – welcome to parenthood! - genius

As we trick-or-treated, the girls told the neighbors they liked their political signs (oh girls, let’s not go there); KD told one neighbor guy he smelled good when he handed out her candy; we had a really hard time remembering the order in which you say “trick-or-treat” and “thank you”.  Thrifty Nana (my mom) and I just chuckled.

Probably the biggest kick the girls got was coming back to our house and surprising Daddy by trick-or-treating at our own door.  So cute.

Here are a few pics – I told Shaun the family shot was going to be our Christmas photo (he just shrugged, which I take my as my cue to run with it):

Darn MN - we have to bundle up over the black; check out KD's red eye - totally appropriate for once!
Daddy did a pretty good job on KD's make-up!
My scarf is a sarong from Mexico, but it's the colors of candy corn - perfect!
Happy to pose with anyone since we have candy to eat.
2012 Christmas Photo - Bahahaha!

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