November 28, 2012

Lefse Fail!

Posted by Ethne~

As promised, here are the *lefse fail* pictures.  I had planned another, regular, post today, but sorry, both of my kids have been sick this week.  Despite their training and regular manners to the contrary, when they get sick, they conveniently forget to cover their sneezes so EVERY SINGLE SNEEZE and I get splats of snot all over me.  I couldn’t risk the computer becoming snot-laden and ruined.  In addition, I’ve been chasing after my idiot cat who thinks knawing on branches of the Christmas tree is a great way to get attention. 

Blob of lefse on the floor, along with a dusting of flour - EVERYWHERE; image of lefse griddle box in background
I apologize that I am unable of taking a picture in focus

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