April 18, 2013


Posted by Lori~

I am really on a kitchen organization kick.  You can check-out my drawer liner update here, my spice cupboard update here, my kitchen overview here, my new fridge here, and now I am updating the fridge even more with fridge liners.

You can buy fridge liners (AKA fridge coasters) to keep your fridge shelving and drawers clean, however there price tag is pretty high.  Here is an example.  Fridge liners work great because if you have a spill or mess, you pull out the fridge liner and clean it.  Plus it adds a pop of color to your fridge!

However, I have a thriftier option, plastic place mats. Mur-Man and I found these placements for $1.00 each at Dollar Tree.    

I am not a huge fan of the sunflower pattern, however I thought it blended well with my kitchen colors and for $1.00 each--WHY NOT!   Plus, it is mostly covered with food.

Before--kind of a mess and unorganized.
I simply took measurements of the space and cut to fit.

It took 9 placements to complete this project (I purchased 10, so I have one extra).  $9.00--NOT BAD for a simple thrifty project that will keep my fridge clean.

Pretty and organized.

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