April 4, 2013

Bacon & Cheddar Deviled Eggs!

Posted by Ethne~

As promised in Lori’s egg and artichoke post (here) earlier in the week, I made bacon-cheddar deviled eggs for Easter.  And they were DALISH!!

Lori and I have a few life mottos: bacon is a condiment; butter is a necessity; and deviled eggs are an essential part of our last meal on Earth (I call this my “Death Row Meal” when I’m not as worried about offending anyone.  No offense anyone.)

Shaun doesn’t normally eat deviled eggs, but he sent me this recipe shortly before Easter, and said he’d eat these.  OF COURSE, I forgot to print or even write down the recipe, I just memorized it after a read-through.  Sorry about that.  I’m pretty sure it came from the Minneapolis Star Tribune online.  My version might not be exactly the same since I usually mess with recipes anyway.

Here’s what you need:

These were not the easiest to peel.  Fortunately, Thrifty Nana (my mom) had also dyed others.

- 6-8 hard-boiled eggs
- 1 cup mayonnaise (I use the kind with olive oil)
- 2-4 strips bacon (I just used what was leftover from breakfast), chopped up into little bits
- 1-2 cups of shredded sharp white cheddar cheese (I’m almost positive the recipe called for less, but Shaun suggested I throw in all that I shredded and I’m all for not wasting the fruits of my labor.)  I shredded it with the fine blade.
- 2 T bacon grease from when you fried the bacon (don’t scoff, it’s delicious – it helps hold the eggs together too)
Tabasco hot sauce

Here’s what you do:

Carefully cut the eggs in half.  Pull out the yolks and put in a medium-sized bowl and mash finely.  Put the white parts on a plate (I used my deviled egg plate and there were a few extra on a small plate) and set aside.

Add your cup of mayo to the mashed up egg yolks.  Stir around well, then add the bacon grease.  Stir around some more.

Now add in the bacon bits and shredded cheese.  Stir around until well blended.

We used Oscar Mayer bacon, though others would be fine - we use coupons and shop sales these days since bacon prices have gone through the roof.  Insanity.  Of course, by the time the bacon is used in this recipe, it is COOKED.
White cheddar tastes exactly like yellow cheddar, but white won't show when mixed up with the egg yolks and mayo, so it's perfect for this recipe.

Fill the whites with yolk mixture – you can be generous because you probably have a lot of it.  I even had a little leftover. 

Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.  AT THE TIME YOU SERVE THE EGGS, shake 2 or 3 drops of Tabasco sauce on the deviled eggs.  So tasty!!  I might recall that each egg in the recipe had a slice of olive on the top of the yolk for a tasty garnish, but I did not find this necessary, nor was I perfectly certain.  Go ahead.  [If Shaun were on death row, I would for sure add an olive so he could get both of his favorite condiments into his last meal – bacon and olives.  What a good wife I am.]

Enjoy, my Friends – a last-meal-on-Earth deviled egg that has an essential WOM condiment: bacon!

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Those eggs looks so cute!