April 2, 2013


Posted by Lori~

As you know we dyed Easter Eggs!  Mur-Man and I spent some time yesterday de-shelling the eggs.  (WOMS--don't let the hard boiled eggs go to waste!)  And now it was time to make some egg-salad!  Ethne and I BOTH LOVE TWO THINGS...DEVILED EGGS AND EGG SALAD!

I put Mur-Man again to work and he helped me chop the eggs (with my help).  DELICIOUS!

My egg salad recipe is VERY EASY.  Basically I mix and taste as I go.  This batch included:  Miracle Whip, fat free half and half, mustard, and sugar.  I served this on buns (however I could eat this literally right out of the bowl).  Apparently Ethne tried a new deviled egg recipe that included bacon and cheese!  WHAT!?!  I KNOW!  Recipe coming soon...we promise!

Also, for dinner Steve and I decided to try making artichokes.  This is a first for us.  We learned as we went, so why not share with you WOMS!  Pretty tasty and pretty easy overall!

Trim the end off of your Artichoke.

I then took a kitchen scissor and cut all the tips
(one is trimmed and one is not in the photo)

You can then cook/steam your Artichoke.  We have a steamer pot that worked great.
However, you can also boil your Artichoke.  Steam/cook until a knife goes through the
wide stem very easily.  Our Artichokes took just over 20 minutes.
Ready to eat!

You then peel and eat as you go.  You can dip the Artichoke leaves in melted butter,
lemon, or you can even eat them plain. 
As you eat the leaves, you only eat the white fleshy part of the Artichoke
(scraping your teeth along the leaf as you go)
This is the Artichoke center (or heart)  You peel away the pedals and
inside you find the heart of the Artichoke.  For some this is the most
delicious part of the Artichoke.

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We had artichokes for Easter dinner too Lor!