April 2, 2013


Posted by Lori~
Yeterday (Easter Monday), I was off work.  I took advantage of daycare being open and got some stuff done around the house.
I also had a mini-coffee date with Karla and her Nespresso Machine.  I am drooling--I WANT ONE! (I had to use my camera phone for the photos--so I apologize for the photo quality)!
This machine does it all for you.  It makes your coffee shots, it froths your milk, and it makes the PERFECT LATTE OR CAPPUCHINO!
I believe the price-tag is OVER $300.00!  But, I say it's worth it.  Consider the cost of a latte? 
I told Steve I NEED ONE NOW!  He says we can get one when we get a bigger kitchen!  I'm sold!

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