April 14, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Thank you Trace Adkins for the creativity in my blog title.  I just happen to be watching Trace competing on Celebrity Apprentice as I am drafting this post.  HE IS A ROCK STAR!

Mur-Man is obsessed with Bonka Zonks.  They are these small super-hero themed game tops that you can spin, flick, stack, trade, etc. (and to be honest...I don't quite get it), but Mur-Man loves them.  AND STEVE DOES TOO.  Every trip (for Steve and Mur-Man) to Wal-Mart equals more Bonka Zonks.  You can purchase 2 (on sale) for under $2.00!  NOT BAD!

Mur-Man has probably close to 50 zonks (so far).  With each set, comes a catalog with their names, but in our house the catalog is NOT NECESSARY.  Of course, Mur-Man can show Steve the Bonka Zonk and his super hero nerdiness comes out.  With no hesitation he can recite their name, describe who they are, and indicate if they are good or bad. 

Mur-Man with his Bonka Zonks (WITH MAJOR BED-HEAD)!
Mur-Man has a nice carrying case for his Zonks.  But, I decided he needed a system to organize all this Bonka Zonk catalog info! 

Thank you TJ Max for the AWESOME DEAL!

I hit my craft stash, where I had a $10.00 frame thanks to TJ Max. 

I loaded it up and hung it on the wall.  BONKA ZONK CATALOG AS ART!

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