April 23, 2013

Nothing, except Hangovers.

Posted by Ethne~

This post is about nothing.  I, literally, have nothing new to tell you today.

I think it’s the weather.

This is my kitchen table this morning - my spring flowers with snow outside!  Disgusting.

I haven’t been cooking any new recipes.  I haven’t made any new crafts.  I am uninspired.

I tried to go to a fairy gardening seminar two Saturdays ago but the girls were so naughty that we had to leave before I learned anything.  But even still, I’m normally chomping at the bit to get into the greenhouses to buy my plants and this year it hasn’t crossed my mind.

To really get the point across, here’s just how dangerous this is – I texted the following to Lori the other day: “Is it just me or do u hardly care about Jodi Arias anymore?”  I know, right?!  True, we’ll riot if she gets off, but with the combination of this winter and her trial taking.too.effing.long, I could just about care less.

Anyway, I hope you all have a really nice Wednesday.  Pray for some spring weather for MN so I can get my sassypants attitude back.  I am totally ready to start rolling my eyes at stuff (and wearing bronzer) again.  

(PS, I debated with someone today whether a wine or tequila hangover was worse.  I recall both being horrible.  Feel free to vote in the comments as to your poison of choice for worst hangover ever - stories optional but always enjoyed!  My most recent awful hangover was from a White Russian(s); my worst ever hangover was probably from wine (it makes #1 on the list because I felt horrible and I had vivid recollections of my atrocious behavior while 'polluted' on said rancid grapes the night before).)

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