April 3, 2013

My Kids Swore, Now What?

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, I think my life has taken a turn to insanity.  I’ve been in regular contact with the girls’ pediatrician to make sure we stay on track.  Good Lord we probably holler too much (not swearing, mind you, but to get their attention after 'please' five times doesn't work), but she assures me, that statement probably applies to 90% of us parents out there.

KD: face of an angel; sassy little mouth.  I've gotta remember that she's still just a little kid.  Blankie is a reminder.

I’m not joking.  I’m probably that parent pediatricians hate.  I call, all the time.  It’s out of concern, for sure.  And I suppose she should be thankful I’m proactive about my child-rearing rather than neglectful, but still.

Easy Mac - this child is much like me.  I'll have to bear that in mind as that could be a blessing and a curse for child-rearing.

So I talked to the doctor last week about helping KD’s behavior (which is on the upswing), then saw her, with KD, on Monday for unexpected illness.  We got to do more chit-chat about KD’s mannerisms that should be ignored (backtalk) vs. those which require discipline (hitting).  It’s a veritable minefield (it's not just KD, but she was the subject of that convo)!

If you could zoom into the twinkle in KD's eye, like in the movies, I'm pretty sure you'd see candy.

I was feeling pretty good.  Like I had a plan of action; and Shaun and I weren’t doing things too badly.

Don't get ahead of yourself Mom, see below:

Then yesterday the girls were terrible at school and decided to swear at each other during naptime.  Shaun had to sign an incident report when he picked them up!!  And THEN, just when I thought we’d explained to the girls that swearing was just NOT OKAY, KD told Easy Mac that she was “a sh*t” this morning; and not in the cool way.  What the devil am I supposed to do now?  I'm pretty sure I'm not down with shoving a bar of soap in their mouths.  The pediatrician is gonna hate me.

I’ll take an OY-VEY and raise you an UFF-DA.

I’m gonna start losing my hair here people, and it’s just about my only asset so I’d rather not let the blonde locks go.

The lesson: don't make faces at the camera.  I look ridiculous.  You're welcome.

PS – who here saw that a mistrial was ALMOST declared on the Jodi Arias trial because of alleged misconduct of Juror #5 (who was then dismissed)?  And who also saw that Nancy Grace’s handcuff necklace is missing?  Was I right, or was I right?!?  (click here to remember how I feel about Jodi and the handcuff necklace)

Sorry if this picture is messed up; not sure why it isn't working for everyone.

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