April 15, 2013

No other post will do.

Posted by Ethne~

There is no prose in this language or any other, I expect, fit to convey our feelings at such times as these.  They’ve called what happened at the Boston Marathon an act of terror; something we as Americans are familiar with.  We shouldn’t be, but we are.

As I sit here writing, CNN is releasing all sorts of grim details I’d rather not regurgitate.  Another life has just been lost (#3).  The youngest patient is reportedly aged 3; the oldest aged 60.

It so happens that Shaun and I are watching our perennial favorite series, Band of Brothers, right now.  It’s the true stories of the experiences of the men of the 101st Airborne Division in WWII from their D-Day jump through liberation of the concentration camps and the end of the war.  We watch it all the time, it’s that good.  I suspect Shaun thinks he won the lottery that he found a wife who likes to watch WWII drama with him.  He can thank my dad for that.

The reason I like it is that, despite the very ugliest depravity of that war, there are innumerable stories of heroism and brotherhood, sacrifice and patriotism.  It renews my faith in humanity.

That’s what I hope comes out of the disgust I feel right now.  I don’t feel fear.  If I were on a street with my children as it were bombed, I’d be afraid for their safety, of course.  But I am not terrorized; I’m pissed off. 

Don’t worry.  Eventually the Boston PD, or the FBI, or the 101st Airborne, or Seal Team 6 will come find those responsible for today’s attack in Boston.  It’s a fact.  And then we can focus on the things that really matter, like the people whose lives were lost or injured, and those who love them; and the people who helped them on the streets today; and the many other stories of heroism, brother/sisterhood and patriotism that played out today in the streets of Boston.

I am ready for my faith in humanity to be renewed.  Gosh darn it, though, terrorism is not necessary for that.

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