March 19, 2013

New Bathroom Towel Bins {organization}

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I’m on an organization train in this house – and it’s a losing battle I tell ya’.  I pick up and tidy in one little corner (correction, my hubby does the picking up) and the kids trash with hurricane force in all other parts of the house.  They are a force to be reckoned with.

Easy Mac's look says to me: 'don't eff with me mom. you will pay.'
KD just told Shaun, as I am typing this: "I only made half the mess so I am only picking half of it up."  You can probably tell from this picture that this child is a wheeler-dealer.

But I keep at it.  Remember here where I made cereal box cord storage for my kitchen towel drawer?  I took my latest Cheerios box and made another, FYI, for the kid silverware in the flatware drawer.  I’m so proud.

This month’s organization challenge on I Heart Organizingblog is focused on whipping our bathrooms into shape.  I’ve kept my Mel-organization pretty good since we moved into this place last May, but improvements could be made – mostly with space efficiency and my towels.

Not awful, but not awesome either.

So I trekked over to the local dollar store and found a few containers that seemed they would work.  The problem-o with dollar stores is you might have something in mind and they won’t have THAT but they will have something else that will work equally sufficient or better.  That’s what I got.  For a couple bucks, I gained a TON of space.

My back right container has the hand towels rolled; but two extra towels are laid on top.  Fortunately that basket has handles, so the towels sit on there nicely.  I need to scrap a few towels to the rag bin and this solves the problem.

I rolled my hand towels and washcloths instead of laying them flat – and this is how I placed them into the dollar store bins.  I also noticed that we go through a lot of hand towels with toothpastey-slimy 5-year-old mouths, so I decided to break up the storage and put some towels right where we can grab them in a second, beneath the bathroom countertop.

This is the pull-out drawer under the counter in my bathroom.  My sis Mel would make it look prettier, but it's totally functional, and organized!  I can find anything quite easily.  Just for a laugh, wanna know what's in that middle-rear yellow bag?  My stash of fake eyelashes.  Totally true.  To the right of that is my tote of bumpits for my hair.  I am not making this up.

Under $5 and the key is to keep picking away at the organization projects, rather than to let the stacks and kitsch pile up (which is why Lori and I like blogs like I Heart Organizing because she always throws out challenges that seem to keep things attainable).  Now, for those slimy towels…oy.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE the Dollar Store for storage ideas! Last time I was there I didn't see these kinds of bins. I will have to stop in and look soon! :)