March 4, 2013

They Tell Me My Closet Needs These Clothes.

Posted by Ethne~

Friends, I do not consider myself a stylist, but I don’t think I’m matronly either.  My sister tells me I am a school marm.  Maybe I was born in the wrong century.  I am bossy enough to be a marm in any era.

Fashion Icon: Moi; stop laughing Whit

One of Lor’s and my latest fave blogs, Our Fifth House, had fashion week last week – she highlighted 5 of her own favorite stylish bloggers and had them give their 7 top wardrobe essentials.  So fun!  I was affirmed in that I’m not a total matron – I had some of the essentials such as a piece of leopard print (mine’s a belt), nude pumps (mine are from Land's End - love) and a truckload of cardigan sweaters (my sister says this is arguably school-marm-ish).

Land's End, here

I don’t have some of the other essentials, such as skinny jeans (yes, every single style blogger suggested this as a wardrobe must - WTF style peeps?), brown riding boots, a chambray/denim shirt, colorful pumps and a statement necklace.  I take that last one back.  I have plenty of necklaces, even statement ones, but not necessarily purchased this decade.

I took care of that straight away.  One of the bloggers suggested Forever 21 skinny jeans for $10.  DECISION DONE.  I am not planning on wearing these suckers with little teeny sandals.  Let’s face it.  I am a pear shape.  It’s a horrible look for me.  But, I ordered myself a pair of brown riding boots, so they’ll balance these birthing hips out.  (The funny part is the hips failed in their genetic purpose because I had a c-section with the twins.  Ha-ha, Universe, I am so not laughing at your irony.)

Heather boots from Shoemint here

I found a denim shirt on sale at Target for $18.  I also found a boyfriend sweater on sale at Target, and a cute spring-y scarf there too.  Half my wardrobe is practically from that store, I swear; darn you, RedCard!

I’ll put a few outfits together and post for you guys once my dreaded F21 skinny jeans arrive in the mail.  I’m afraid.  Even if they look horrible and I return them, I’ll take pictures first.  It’ll surely be funny if nothing else.

In the meantime, check out this new fashion blog I found, Hello, Gorgeous!  This lady is amazing with what she can put together.  She obviously has a great wardrobe, but she mixes and matches it a whole bunch, and she gets a lot of her mixing pieces at places like Old Navy and Forever 21, which are obviously reasonably priced for us commoners.


Megan said...

Can't wait to see you in your new skinny jeans. I'm sure you'll rock them! :) I'm not a style blogger, but I believe every woman should have a nice white dress in their wardrobe. It's just so pretty and chic!

WOM-MOMS said...

Ok Megan, I will take that under advisement when shopping this spring. :) I've always thought that with my pale skin, it washed me out, but Melania Trump agrees with you, so you're probably on to something. With colorful accessories, it'll probably help my paleness; and I'm not afraid of dark makeup. I have a white maxi skirt, which I LOVE. Ethne