March 5, 2013

Boots & Skinny Jeans

Posted by Ethne~

My riding boots arrived in the mail yesterday.  Shaun knew boots were ordered because I explained how URGENT the purchase was considering I had been waitlisted on this particular pair for MONTHS.  But as with (what I suspect are) most husbands, he didn’t really pay much attention and just really saw my lips moving.  When I told him they were RIDING BOOTS yesterday, the following conversation ensued:

Shaun: [one raised eyebrow]

Me: These are my new riding boots.  They are high fashion.  Everyone needs them.

Shaun:  You don’t need them; you don’t go riding.

Me:  No one who wears these actually goes riding.  But of course I need them.

Shaun: [wanders off in bewilderment; dying a little inside, probably]

Then last night we were watching Biggest Loser and our my favorite player, Danni, had her makeover and was put into skinny jeans without boots.  Shaun specifically commented that they did not flatter.  He didn’t say it so nicely.  And he specifically said the words, “skinny jeans”.  This made me very afraid CONSIDERING MY SKINNY JEANS WERE SCHEDULED TO BE DELIVERED VIA MAIL THE NEXT DAY.  What will he have to say when he sees mine?!  I will have to wear a thong in them for sure so my butt looks good.

This is a horrible picture.  Proof I'm wearing a thong - yes.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few outfits I put together, inspired by Pinterest, fashion week on Our Fifth House, and my new style blog find, Hello, Gorgeous!  I've got some learning to do, but this is what I did in 10 minutes of rifling through my closet.

The F21 skinny jeans fit well and are comfortable; still, no excuse for those hips.  I think the socks set things off nicely.
This is an almost exact replica outfit from Hello, Gorgeous! blog.  Clearly I will have to wait till next year for it, even though it did snow like 10" here in the past 24 hours.  Still, it's March.
I feel like I need a necklace with this; pearls or something.  But I wasn't in the mood for playing dress-up all day long, by myself.
This was my own concoction using white and spring colors - since it's March, I want to be springy, but as I said, it also just snowed 10", so we totally still can rock boots and sweaters.  Such a weird place to live; I'm totally over living in MN.  Until the snow melts.
I actually really liked this outfit.  My new chambray shirt - which I did not iron BTW - dress-up for the blog is only considered *medium fashion* since I'm not actually going someplace where someone will make me a cocktail; a pretty & colorful cardigan sweater and black leggings.  I would not actually wear the leggings out of the house because LET'S FACE IT - my butt was hanging out everywhere, especially in the thong.  But in the muted cell phone picture, the effect is good.  So I'm on the hunt for some black "jeggings" or something.  That word makes my skin crawl almost as much as "moist", just so you know - which means if I actually ever wear jeggings, I have completely sacrificed my soul to Satan in the name of fashion.  Just for fun, say it: "moist jeggings".


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