March 26, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Our trip to Mexico was AMAZING!  A much needed break from the ND weather.  I felt amazing, the weather was amazing, the company was amazing!  WOMS--we all need a get-a-way!  DO IT!  The following is a quick photo recap of our amazing memories. 

This is the view of the large pool (with swim-up bar)
Fresh fruit, cottage cheese, smoked salmon, and fresh bread every day!
My friend RENAE!

Our Mayan Tulum tour-guide.
Steve and Brad worked up a sweat and played tennis everyday.
Renae and I sat at the beach and drank cocktails!

Thanks to Zully (our concierge) for our romantic surprise!
Let the swim-up-bar tour begin!
This is close to one of the finals swim-up bars during our tour (keep in mind, there were 12)!
THANKS "fast" Edy and Geoffrey for being our personal "drivers"
during the swim-up bar tour!
And the tour ends with dancing! 

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