March 8, 2013


Posted by Lori~

That’s it…Ethne and I NEED OUR VERY OWN NANCY GRACE STYLE SHOW!  We would be FAB hosts and even better we would have the Scott(s) as our expert attorneys!  We would have Steve as our DJ and Shaun would be the bouncer.  PERFECT LINE-UP!

The Jodi Arias trial continues on HLN…basically I (and Ethne) are addicted to all of it.  I listen to it on my Satellite radio and I watch recaps each and every night. (and I talk to Ethne pretty much every night about it).

And Jodi is going on day 17 on the stand.  I am bored, I am tired, and I don’t want to listen to her anymore.  Can you imagine being on the jury?

Did you know that in some states (I believe three), including this particular county in Arizona, the jury asks witnesses questions.  And then the defense and prosecution get to follow-up after jury questions.  And guess what, this cycle can continue and continue and continue until the jury is done asking questions.

Even after 17 days, it was announced yesterday that the jury had more questions. 

Let’s get it over with…my prediction—she is found guilty!  DECISION DONE!

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