March 6, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Wow!  It is March and in ND and MN this often means some of the biggest winter storms of the year (that’s considering March is the start of SPRING!).  But, guess what—I have been planning a vacay and I CANNOT WAIT!

The last time we went on a beach all-inclusive vacation was for our friends Roxanne and Josh's wedding!  WE LOVED IT!

Giant tricycle in the ocean!  Yes..that is a beer in my hand!
The following photos are from our Bahamas vacation!
Steve and I will be departing next week with our dear friends Brad and Renae for 6 nights/7 days at an All-Inclusive in Mexico!  My butt doesn’t plan to leave the swim-up bar stool all week (except of course to eat and sleep). 

Scott and I before the DREADED sail boat adventure!
We needed to be rescued!
Ethne tells me she will cover WOM-MOM while I am away, but hopefully I can send a few snapshots to Ethne to post so you all can DROOL!

This will be Steve and I again!  CANNOT WAIT!
Josh and Roxanne (Bride and Groom):  Thanks for the awesome
Bahamian VACAY!
I do have to tell you a THRIFTY tip that I discovered while planning my vacay!  While researching trips we found that we could score MUCH better deals through a website (like Travelocity) then through a travel agent (not surprising).  I however, wanted to work with a travel agent, because we were traveling with another couple and planned to fly out of different ND airports (really—there are several!!!).  Booking through a website just didn’t seem to make sense to me; however we price checked with the travel agent and the prices we were quoted were at least $1,000 more/couple.

Brad and Renae decided to book through Travelocity and I decided to take their travel information straight to the travel agent (I had a good rapport with this agent, because she had helped book trips before) and ask about a price match.

GUESS WHAT:  THEY DID IT!  Steve and I booked through a Travel Agent for the same price as Travelocity.

Planning any Mexico vacations lately?


Roxanne M said...

Yay! I so miss the Bahamas. I loved our wedding and we were so glad you guys made it :) Where are you staying in Mexico?

WOM-MOMS said...

El Dorado Royale! I believe you just got back from Hawaii....such GREAT memories!