March 8, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Since it's mini fashion week here on the blog, Ethne sent me a phone pic of what she wore this morning - one of her fave work outfits.  Pink sweater...pearls...leopard belt.  The pants are too long unless she wears heels - no problem!  She loves heels; she just didn't have them on yet.  And she did put makeup on too, she swears.

Have a great weekend all.  I'll see you after Mexico!!

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Julia Jhonson said...

yes, I'm in the same boat about having had it on my shelves for so long and many bloggers I respect loving it ... but for some reason I haven't yet been compelled to read best sewing machine for quilting. I definitely want to, but now I'll go in with my expectations a little more in check.