August 14, 2012

Car Organization!

Posted by Ethne~

Ever since Shaun and I moved into our new house, we have striven to keep ourselves as organized as possible.  It comes pretty easily for Shaun.  And we do a decent job for the girls.  For me, it’s a BREEZE after my sister-in-law Mel organized me.  She’s a genius.  When Lori and Steve came to visit she said she’s never seen me so organized, house-wise.

Pat yourself on the back Mel.

I recently organized my car too.  I do a lot of driving for work, so there always seems to be some items that end up in the front passenger seat of my car next to me.  I don’t want them looking cluttered, I want them NEAT!

And between the girls’ car seats in the back, I have wet wipes, a few small toys and some books.  They can’t even reach them if they’re not readily accessible.

This calls for some of my Mel-skills.

I went to Target and for $4.99 I bought two really cute patterned, semi-hardsided rectangular (about 13” x 4”) bins.  Perfect!

For my front seat, I already have my Sterilite, pop-top garbage can inspired by a pin on Pinterest.  Awesome.  I think it’s originally meant to hold cereal, but this is an even better use if you ask me.

I put my coupons, sunglasses case, magazine, list notebook and book-on-cd in my front-seat bin.  Looks great now.

Garbage on the right; hidden behind the bin, yet still accessible

For the back seat, I was able to stand up the books, snug the dolls beside them, and place both wet wipe containers into the back-seat bin between the car seats.  Awesome.  The girls can easily reach in there now.

I am feeling pretty darn smart – as well as clutter free when I tootle around the entire big city metro area.

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