August 23, 2012

Amazing Wedding Shower Cupcakes

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*Sorry about the delaying in posting this week - I was having problems loading pictures!*

Friends, I have total amazingness to share with you today!  My pal E is a complete MASTER when it comes to baking.  When she makes her daughter’s birthday cakes, I swear my eyes are deceiving me and I’m really watching ‘Ace of Cakes’ on TLC.

So naturally when E threw a bridal shower recently, she put her genius into action again.  She purchased cool black and white cupcake papers at JoAnn – prices are reasonable there, and you can use your 40% off coupons!!  She purchased the other bridal items at Party City and I think you’ll agree with me, those diamond rings are awesomesauce (my new fave term a la Lor's and my fave blog younghouselove).

It's a shame to eat this!

The nice thing about making cupcakes is, well, they’re easy.  You don’t have to be a genius to make them, if you want to try to follow in E’s footsteps.  If you don’t have a gourmet recipe, or you are a beginner at baking and frosting, you can use store-bought cake mix and frosting.  In this case, E used Wilton’s White Chocolate Buttercream recipe here and she said it was DELICIOUS.

These cupcakes were white cake; she also did chocolate

Of course E piped the frosting on and made it look really fancy – I’d expect nothing less – and she used heart-shaped cookie cutters to make those hearts out of black fondant.  You can be extremely creative in decorating – and now that you’ve seen E’s example, you can follow along.  She was very enthused to be featured as a guest on the blog, and I know she’d love to hear back if any of you tried some of her techniques!

Happy Friday, Friends!

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Michelle C. said...

Walmart has Wilton cake products, too, and they clearance out items at the end of a holiday. I have purchased many items there for cakes and cupcakes at reasonable prices!