August 5, 2012


Posted by Lori~

As you know, Steve and I built our own fire-pit with leftover bricks from around our house.  We found these bricks when we moved in and put them to good use.

So far so good, but it is starting to crack and fall apart.  Steve and I pretty much new from the get-go that we would really needed fire bricks and glue, however this fix was FREE and has lasted us over two years.  FREE FOR TWO YEARS—PERFECTION!

We are lucky to get our firewood from Steve’s dad who chops his wood and heats his house on the lake with firewood.  Recently, I asked him if he ever had large stumps and he did!

Steve and I hauled two home and they are now sitting by our fire-pit.  Looking awesome and perfect for sitting and enjoying the fire.

I am in LOVE AND THEY WERE FREE! Now we need a few more!

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