August 3, 2012

Bleu Cheese Butter!

Posted by Ethne~
My Dad and Mom Connie came to town this week and last night, we had a feast over at Whit and Bryan’s house.  I am telling you, it was so good.  I ate every morsel on my plate; I consumed at least 1000 calories; I was in heaven.
Taking a pic of Grandpa and the kiddos is like herding cats
Of course I didn’t take but one food picture, but here’s what they cooked for us: steaks, grilled to perfection by Bryan, topped with bleu cheese butter (!!!); grilled corn on the cob (including what Whit grew in her garden); baked garlic-rosemary-parmesan potato wedges; rosemary crusty breadsticks and Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  I’m telling you, I ate everything.
The steaks needed no help because they were already delicious, but I made the special request for Bryan to make his bleu cheese butter.  This is something he invented; he’s good like that.  Their kitchen faces the west and they have no trees in their backyard (not their fault), so the kitchen window is a mini oven of sorts.  Perfect for melting butter and bleu cheese together.  So that’s exactly what Bryan did.
Behind Bryan is the oven window which makes magic
He put a stick of butter (I think they use salted butter, but unsalted like Shaun and I use would work I’m sure) and a container of bleu cheese (like 1 cup or more, not exact measurements here people) in a clear glass bowl in the windowsill.  He let it melt together while he cooked dinner.  That’s it.
Now, if you don’t have a mini oven for a kitchen window, there could be lots of other options.  You could try heating the mix in the microwave, but be careful with this because microwaves melt so quickly.  I’d go for 10 second increments just until the butter is softened and barely liquid, not until it’s fully liquid.  If you let it go too long, it will just get all oily.  That’s why the kitchen window works so well.  If you’re grilling, place the bowl next to the grill (not on the burner!).  If you cooking on the stove, place the bowl next to or on the stove (not on the burner!).  If you have an area to do so, set your bowl outside in the warm sunshine and let the butter and bleu cheese melt together – if you do that cover it with some plastic wrap so bugs don’t get in it.
When creamy, drizzle the bleu cheese butter on your steaks and devour.  I’m here to tell you that despite the fact that I literally felt the arteries in my neck straining last night, it was totally worth it.  
*DISCLAIMER: WOM-MOMs and our friends and family are not responsible for any health risks associated with any recipes we share with you on our blog!  We can’t help if yummy tasting stuff might be high in calories, cholesterol and the other stuff you see on the side of nutrition labels – eat everything in moderation, Friends!*

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