September 2, 2012

Adventures in Sunless Tanning #4

Posted by Ethne~

Ever since Girls Trip ’12 I’ve been keeping my legs tan.  No, not like TAN MOM, Patricia Krentzil. 

Credit: Headline News

And not with the rays of the sun either.  My skin is to pale for that – remember from here and here and here my discussions about this?

Well, at GT, BFF Steph introduced me to Jergens Natural Express Body Moisturizer for medium to tan skin tones {Steph said the lighter wasn't dark enough for her taste}, which I’ve been using since.  Every 3 days or so, I re-apply the lotion in the evening.  Not right at bed-time, but after dinner to let it soak in a bit, and my tan is renewed.

Teresa, Grizz and Steph ~ GT '12

I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses lately, which I have to say totally rocks.  My old, scary purple people eater white legs would never do.  People would run in fear.  But a little tan makes it happen.

Add a little bronzer to my make-up and I’m good to glow!

To be fair, this leg pic was at the end of an application timeframe, but it still wasn't as white as my normal color - shockingly.

I highly recommend it, Friends!  And it’s much improved from last year’s disasters!!!

You're welcome.  Feel free to laugh at my expense.

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