August 27, 2012


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Remember Lori’s post about her Target RedCard?  I know she doesn’t have as many opportunities to use hers as I do because her little city, ND town doesn’t have a Target – but here in big city, MN – world corporate headquarters of Target mind you, there are Targets galore.  And I love them.

Scouring Pinterest on my new Kindle Fire the other day, I found a quote that gave me a good chuckle:  “‘I went to Target, but really couldn’t find anything I wanted’... said no one ever.”  Hahahaha.  Yes, too right bit$$es.  (What has gotten into me today?!) 

United Colors of Ethne

{I also found a quote that said “'I wish Kristen Stewart was in this movie'…said no one ever” which made me laugh good & plenty because I have snatch attitude about her now cuz she just broke sweet Edward’s Rob’s heart and I have to say – W-T-F was she thinking?!?!?!?}

I'll never break your heart, my love.

Why did I get a new Kindle Fire you might wonder?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s because MY BIRTHDAY is Labor Day.  That’s right.  THE BEST DAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR is almost here and it is properly signified with its own holiday. 

CHEERS to my own holiday!

I have my ‘old’ Kindle 2, which I have no plans to get rid of.  It has 3G for one, which is way better than having to hunt around for a Caribou where I can get Wi-Fi, and I have to say I like the grayscale screen for reading still.  HOWEVER, there is something to be said for playing with Pinterest and Facebook and Sonos (Pandora) and the Blog from my little teensy tablet.  My Kindle 2, bless him (I like my toys to be boys, is that weird?), had gotten a crack in the frame, not the screen thank goodness, and when I called Amazon to see if I could get the frame replaced, they said no, they couldn’t do that anymore.  Shaun suggested I get an upgrade with the slight discount Amazon offered since they couldn’t fix mine.  Love that boy of mine!

Where the H-E-double-hockey-sticks was I going with this?  (What has gotten into me today?)

Oh yeah, my Target RedCard.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and saved $39.53.  Of that savings, $8.89 was from my Target RedCard alone!

I couldn't get my phone camera off of 'aqua' setting.  Weird.

What’s better, I started using RedCard in January and to date, I’ve saved $118.12.

And what’s even better, when I got my RedCard, I designated my friend Kari’s daughters’ school as the recipient of the additional 5% donation from my purchases that Target will give to schools from all my RedCard purchases (but you have to go online and make the designation and connect it to your card), which means that $118.12 has gone to their school too!  Isn’t that awesome?

So maybe that’s what’s gotten into me today.  Owing to me being addicted to Target and fulfilling the prophecy I found on Pinterest, above, Target has given me back $118.12, for no effort at all on my part since it’s hooked up to my regular checking account, and it has also donated $118.12 to the school of my choice, right in my local community.  That makes me feel GOOD.  REALLY GOOD.

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