August 26, 2012

DQ Cake Surprise!

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August 13th is Whit’s birthday.  I won’t tell you how old she turned since she and I have stopped recognizing our age.  Growing older STINKS!  However, our birthdays are still perfectly AWESOME.  So we have no intention of not celebrating our birthdays, just not how long ago they were.  Fair compromise?  We think so.

Pretty sure I'll claim to be this young in 20 years.

Whit was in Michigan visiting fam there on the 13th, though, so we had her and Bryan over last Sunday.  I decorated with a colorful fabric pennant banner (also called a bunting but I think that is a dumb name) and flowers.  I picked my pink geraniums and put them in bud vases on my table.  AWESOME.  That’s the best part of growing flowers – free for decorating!

Birthday girl and Sweet Baby T-Rex (my kitty)

Whit wanted a pasta salad, so I made one with as many garden tomatoes and basil as I could pick.  She asked for BBQ chicken, so Shaun was happy to oblige – the grillmaster.  And then I decided to try my hand at creating zucchini cakes (picture crab cakes made with zucchini instead).  I schredded and pureed a ton of zucchini from last year’s garden bounty and still have some left in the freezer to be used up.  The flavor was decent, but we decided to bake them so we could hang out more (rather than chill out over the frying pan) and they got dried out.  I think fried would’ve been better.  Meh.

Whit and I both have Pandora bracelets and so that’s my go-to favorite gift to give her – a charm.  This time, I picked the jack-o-lantern.  She and I planted jack-o-lantern pumpkin seeds in her garden so we could carve pumpkins with the girls at Halloween and it looks like we’re going to have enough pumpkins – so the charm is representative of our gardening adventures (and upcoming carving plans).

She was a little sore at Bryan cuz he hadn’t given her a gift yet.  And when he arrived (he came a little after she did because we first had to play Beauty Parlor and apply glam makeup and do celebrity waves in our hair), he carried no gift with him; just the DQ cake we already knew he was bringing.

We had a nice time and dessert time came, with Whit having opened her pumpkin charm.  She exclaimed with glee, and then couldn’t help but comment that her hubby had somehow forgotten even a card for her birthday.  Ah yes.  That was when Bryan told her to go get the cake out of the freezer and gave me a wink.  (I’d told her all week not to worry because he’s always been a really good gift-giver.)

As she carried the cake over to the table, she realized that he had eaten a slice out of the cake and, in its place, was a wrapped jewelry box.  What was in that jewelry box, you ask?  Diamond earrings.  He did well.

Easy Mac gave it her best huff - check her red lips!

I think KD wanted to snatch those diamond earrings

It was a very nice birthday, and even Theodore was happy to pose for a picture.  He was not happy to pose for the next 3 pictures, however.

That's my handsome boy!

If you inspect closely, you can see he has no teeth.  That's me being on top of his oral healthcare.

Happy Birthday Whit!  Love ya!

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