August 6, 2012

A Few Fun Fotos

Posted by Ethne~

Last week was a fun week; and I managed to get all manner of goofy photos.  Here are a few.

Remember when Shaun said I look like a nun in this dress??  I don't think so.

Brother-in-law Rich sworn in as a US citizen!!!
This porcelain doll was on someone's trailer hitch on the way home from Rich's swearing in.  W.T.F.?
Me reading my fave book that may or may not have '50' in the title.
Whit, K and I have been doing some '50' actor research - YUMMY, biting his lip!
Aussie CG - DALISH!
US Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian (R) could TOTALLY be CG - hello HOTNESS!  I have been drooling over the US swimmers for the past week.  I've got it BAD.
My new Too Faced lipstick: Stiletto Red
Easy Mac styled my hair - side ponytail
Whit got some stylish pigtails
 Have a great week everyone!

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