April 2, 2014

REUBEN (knock-off)!

Posted by Lori~

St. Patrick's Day is officially over, but that doesn't meet we need to stop eating that DELICIOUS CORNED BEEF.  Nothing is better than a good reuben sandwich.  The BEST I ever had was in NYC at Carnegie Deli with Pastrami.  The portions were enormous and the flavor out of this world!  

I was dreaming of that NYC reuben sandwich and decided to "attempt" to recreate it at home.  I opted to do open sandwiches (like the deli)--less calories...right?!?

Here's my pastrami.  Not as good as the Carnegie Deli version, but this ND version will work.

YUMMMMYYY....Kraut and Swiss Cheese!

I baked my version.  And honestly, it worked!

Have you tried to re-create a sandwich lately?