April 14, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Do you have sets of the magnetic leapfrog farm animals or alphabet?  Well, we do.  I love the toy, but I just hate how gross it gets in the kitchen.  YUCK!

First, we tried the fridge. Then, we moved it to the dishwasher. 

Finally, I decided it was time for an all together new solution outside of kitchen.

First up, I pulled the farm animal set, cleaned it, and discovered we were missing 1/2 of the duck.  Why is it there is always one piece missing?  Honestly, Mur-Man is 4 and a little advanced for this kit, so this will go into storage.

Then it was time to wash the alphabet.  Mur-Man is still working on his letters, so keeping the alphabet kit was a MUST.  

I decided to move them to Mur-Man's red metal (and magnetic) bed.  We practiced his letters as we went and of course are missing just one letter in this set too.

Much more organized and much cleaner!

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