April 10, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Over the weekend I went to little-bit smaller city, ND to do some major thrifting with my girlfriends.  It was awesome! We went to an antique store and I found this vintage chip/dip bowl.  I LOVED IT!

The price tag was $38.00 and I debated.  But then, the antique store owner announced the deal of day.  Spend $25.00 and get 50% off the total.  That...I could not pass up!


I also picked up this cute little kitty ring holder for $2.00 (50% off $4.00).

Have you hit any good thrift stores lately?  It is officially spring-like weather in ND, which means garage sale season.  I may have to start hitting the sales this weekend.


Deline said...

Those are great finds. I love the kitten

WOM-MOMS said...

Thank you so much Deline. I thought so too.

Faith said...

Love the chip & dip set. I hit up the antique mall a couple of weeks ago, and snared a fur neck scarf (probably faux but one never knows), a pair of white gloves, a couple of books, and an awesome vest made from a 40's style cowboys & indians type print, which I shall wear non ironically. ;)

Mandi said...

I could find something like those too I would definitely grab them. The value is worth more than the price

WOM-MOMS said...

Hi Faith:

It sounds like you have some amazing finds! Thrifting is the BEST!

Thank you for reading WOM-MOM!

WOM-MOMS said...

Mandi: I totally agree. The price tag had me completely sold.

Thank you for reading and following WOM-MOM!