April 20, 2014

LEGO TRAY (and a little Easter Recap)

Posted by Lori~

I am under the weather and honestly not feeling well.  Our plans for Easter fell through, because I was not up for traveling.  I am feeling a little better, and spent most of the weekend in bed.  

Prior to the weekend, I had started on an Easter project for Mur-Man and my nephews.  I wanted to create an under-the-couch Lego tray.  I think they turned out great.

The project started at a book sale at my little city, ND college.  They had frames for sale for $1.00!  I snagged three!

I removed the prints and purchased foam-core at Wal-Mart for $1.50/sheet. Three frames required three sheets of foam-core.  I attached the frames to the foam-core using wood glue.

I purchased the Lego building plates at yoyo.com.  Overall, they were the most affordable option with the smaller blue/green plates selling for $5.00/plate.

I did purchase vinyl letters for the trays.  I purchased them from a local printing shop for $3.00/tray.

Using wood glue and scissors, I was able to cut the Lego plate to fit and attach it to the foam-core.

I did test-out the plates to ensure they were spaced properly.

Mur-man received his tray Easter morning.  By the way, this is Max our new Goldendoodle.  He has a haircut scheduled Tuesday!  We are in LOVE!
Mur-Man is also using his Lego Drawer!  It works slick and can roll in and out of his room (easy to put away)!
Mur-Man also got Walkie-Talkies for Easter.  We have tried them out.  Mur-Man's call sign is Cosmo, Steve is Bubba, and I am Bahama Mamma (love it)!
Steve freaked me out today by sporting a stache!  Totally creapy!  It lasted roughly two hours and I am happy to report--it is gone!  THANK GOD!
For Easter Dinner, Steve made me Pioneer Woman Prime Rib.  It was DELICIOUS! 

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Roxanne M said...

LORI! A week or so behind on the blog. YOU GOT A GOLDENDOODLE???!!
He is RIDICULOUSLY adorable!! Please tell me you can bring him in August?? Please!! I so want to meet him :) Congrats!! Roxanne