March 31, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I have been staring at the blank knee wall above my bed for years.  We had to go with a platform bed for our story in a half bedroom because we couldn't quite squeeze a box spring up the stairs and into the space.

As a result, we purchased an IKEA platform bed without a headboard.  

I really wanted to attempt to make an upholstered headboard, but the tufting made me nervous.  That was until I saw this tutorial that had zero tufting.  PERFECTION!

My inspiration photo from Thrifty Decor Chick.
The process was easy and super affordable.  You will need a piece of plywood (to fit), a foam mattress pad, a sheet (or other piece of fabric that will not be seen), a staple gun (with staples), decorator fabric (or other fabric--you choose (I went with upholstery fabric, because I liked the pattern and it was on sale)), and keyhole hangers.

You will want to cut your mattress pad to fit.  I ended up piecing a section together.  You will use a double layer of mattress pad with the bumpy side together.  Using a sheet (or other piece of fabric), pulling tightly, staple the fabric to the plywood.  This will secure the mattress pad to the plywood.

I did go back and hammer in the staples to ensure that they were secure.  Mur-Man helped out with the hammering.

The next step is to staple the decorator fabric to the board--pulling tightly as you go.  

I secured the corners like I was wrapping a package, pulling tightly.  In addition, I did cut away excess fabric within the fold to make the corner flatter.  


Steve attached keyhole hangers to the back of the headboard.  We chose this hanger option, because we wanted the headboard to attach flat to the wall.

Honestly, the hardest part of the project was attaching the headboard to the wall (getting the nails into the keyhole hangers), but eventually they lined up.

I love it!  I love the contrast with the white bed frame.  

Steve loves the headboard too.  We especially love that the pillows can no longer fall behind the bed.  Next up, throw pillows!  I am on that already and cannot wait to reveal!

Here is the cost breakdown on this project:
Plywood:  $17.00
Foam Mattress Pad:  $11.00
Twin Sheet:  $1.50 (purchased at a thrift store)
Upholstery Fabric:  $17.00 (2 yards on sale)
Staple Gun/Staples:  Already in my tool supply
Keyhole Hanger:  $2.00
Total:  $48.50


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