April 3, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I found this inspiration online and I have lost the online link.  I love the inspiration, and I wish I could give the crafter credit.  Unfortunately, that is a no go; however, I knew I could recreate this project for little or nothing.

First up, I created a pattern for my bunny.

And traced the pattern onto the back of scrapbook paper (already in my craft stash).

I ended up with roughly 20 paper bunnies.  

Using Elmer's School Glue and my Target dollar section poms, I attached the poms to the bunnies. 

Next up, I attached the bunnies to the ribbon (in my craft stash) using scotch tape.

SUPER CUTE!  RIGHT?!?  Literally, crafts do not get any easier than this!

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