April 28, 2014


Posted by Lori~

Mur-Man, Steve, and I were blessed to have a beautiful girl E stay with us this past week.  Of course, we had to break out the crafts.  First stop, Wal-Mart for duct tape.  Wow--they had an amazing assortment!

We started with duct tape pen flowers.  You can read the tutorial here.

Next up, we wanted to create duct tape jewelry.  Really, it was very simple.  All you need are straws, duct tape, scissors, and string.

First up, wrap your duct tape.

Then, cut your straw into pieces or "beads".

Next up, you string it, creating bracelets, necklaces, rings, you choose!  It literally is that simple and E LOVED IT!

Have you had to create a simple, creative, easy craft spur of the moment for kids?  Duct tape was really simple!  Consider it!

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Anonymous said...

I had so much fun doing that with you