April 22, 2014


Posted by Lori~

I was under the weather this Easter weekend and requested that Steve make me prime rib for Easter Sunday.  If I could have one last meal on Earth, prime rib would be included.  DECISION DONE!  

I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman and was impressed by the minimal cooking time (literally under an hour).

You can find the recipe here.

Prior to baking the meat, you actually sear the roast in olive oil on the stove.

Then you will want to create your spice rub.  Remember, to follow her recipe. 
Her rub included Thyme (our Thyme came right out of the freezer).

This is Steve massaging the meat.  Honestly, this reminded me of the Ham Massage scene in Fargo, the TV Show. 

Then you bake your meat.  First at 500 degrees and then you turn the temperature down.  Of course this is all dependent on the size of your roast.
You definitely want to use a meat thermometer.  When the internal temperature hits 125 degrees your meet is done.  Let the meat sit for several minutes before cutting.

We also made au jus and followed the Pioneer Woman recipe here.  The recipe called for all kinds of things that you eventually strain off leaving the au jus behind.

There it is, my perfect prime rib dinner!  DELICIOUS!

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