May 7, 2013


Posted by Lori~

Ethne revealed her Spring Pinterest Challenge mini-gnome here (adorable), and now it is my turn.

I was busy planning a craft stress-free zone for final's week at my little city, ND college when the challenge came from our favorite blog YOUNG HOUSE LOVE to pin something and "actually" make it!  And so, I took my craft planning station, hit Pinterest, and came up with some duct tape particular duct tape flower pens.  PERFECT FOR MOTHER'S DAY TOO!

My inspiration, found here.
It really was simple, and thank you Alison for being my hand model!  Not only that, but Alison really is an expert at duct tape thank you for helping!

Cover the end of your pen in duct tape (or all of it) leaving a point at the top.
This will act as the center of your flower.
Start creating petals, leaving a sticky end.  Basically cut a smallish rectangle
and fold the corner in creating a point (AKA petal).
Attach the petals to the pen.
Using another color of duct tape, fill in the petals (every other)
until you are satisfied with the fullness of your flower.
I opted to spread out the petals!
There you have it!  Thank you YHL for the motivation.  I told Ethne to have the girls make these!

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