May 20, 2012


Posted by Lori~

The weather has been amazing outside and really steps up our yard project progress.

For some reason, in our little city, ND town we have a major dandelion problem.  And of course, the dandelion seeds are hitting our lawn.

That’s where the best yard tool EVER comes in handy!  The dandelion tool will pull any weed, and loosen any dirt!  IT ROCKS!

Not only does it take care of those dandelions…it also helped Steve and I out with loosening the soil where we had yard burn (or Roger pee burns).  That’s right, my dog loves to pee in the same spot…over and over again!  And this caused a brown spot on the lawn.

We decided to use a lawn repair kit...which is simple!  Loosen the soil where you have a brown patch and put some of the repair mulch down.

Soil is loosened and ready for repair kit!

Then water and water often.  The hope is that the brown spot disappears and grass appears!

I’ll keep you posted!

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