May 16, 2012


Posted by Lori~

I am very happy to report that I spent around $60.00 total for flowers for my yard….very good!  Correct?  I am a proud WOM for this accomplishment!

As I was digging up my flower bed, Crafty G-Ma (my mom) and I planned out our needs for my pots, window boxes, and flower beds.

And here’s the breakdown:

Four spikes—one for each of my pots that sit on each side of my front door and one for each of my front yard water barrels (they came with built in planters).

Wave petunias—three for each water barrel planter.

One Begonia for my back-yard flowerpot.

A hanging plant for my front yard archway.  I ended up with a Fern and LOVE IT!

Two geraniums for my front flowerpots.

And finally, herbs for my window boxes.

Over-all, I am very pleased and I feel very thrifty!  I promise more daylight photos soon.  I ran out of sunlight!  I love yard work.

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