May 25, 2012


Posted by Lori~
My goodness….it has been ages since I declared a major quantum leap to my 1996 physique!

Roughly 1996!  Yes, you have seen this photo before!
BUT...major motivation!
Unfortunately, I have been failing miserably.  But recently, I said THAT’S IT!  DECISION DONE!
I started a new diet…called Monavie!  Is it working…slowly, but yes, it is!
By no means, am I selling this product, but it is something that has motivated me to get busy!
Basically, I drink 2 shakes a day, slam a shot of juice, eat 2 small 100 calorie snacks a day, and then eat one meal a day.

And…I have dropped a few pounds SLOWLY!  But I have dropped some weight. 
And after doing some simple math…I have determined that I could potentially drop 2 pounds/week or roughly 25 pounds by the end of summer!  WOW—THAT WOULD BE FAB!
And….I have baby on the mind!  But I want a baby AFTER I have dropped the Mur-Man baby weight!  I will keep you posted WOMS!
PS:  If anyone has advice in ensuring the next baby is a girl…let me know!

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