May 23, 2012


Posted by Lori~

We have been working hard in the yard and I thought it was about time that I showed a yard overview update.

Still mostly green, but very green.  And of course, the flowers will be blooming soon!

First up, we worked hard and finished filling the garden with dirt.  Our Rhubarb plant is growing like crazy and this weekend’s project will be planting the garden.  More on that next week!

Next up, my backyard flowerbed is filled with perennials.  My favorite—no need to plant anything!  And they look gorgeous.

You saw a post last week about our front flowerbed.  And now the Hostas are in place.  Keep in mind, they were watered and need to grow.  My mom (AKA crafty G-ma) says it might take about a year to see the Hostas in their full glory.

Also, we added dirt to our side flowerbed and this meant that I had to dig-up and replant my Bleeding Heart plants.  Right now, they look sick.  But you check back later and they will be beautiful!  And I was able to thin-out the flowers.

This weekend we are going to also add a brick trim along this flowerbed.
And finally, you can check-out our flowerpots, rain barrels, and finally the fern.

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