May 10, 2012


Posted by Lori~

As many of you know…I work in student life at a college in my little city, ND town.  Each and every year the students move out of the residence halls and head home.

And each and every year we do a food and free-cycle drive.  It is amazing what is left behind and of course, when I (along with other staff) sort through it…we also find all sorts of awesome items.

Here’s a look at my FREE-CYCLE HAUL!  Pretty AWESOME!

Those are BRAND NEW UGG slippers--my size!!!!
Easy-bake oven for Mur-Man, a super-hero hat, and slippers
(brand new, tags still on) for a gift someday!

And why not…this equals less in the landfills.  And, the best part was that college students got a TON of great items!  And, a lot gets donated (including non-perishable food items)!

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