May 8, 2012

Photo Booth Guest Book!

Posted by Ethne~
Oh boy, where to start?!  I had such an awesome time with my family.
Z and K’s wedding was great.  Besides the great company and Aunt Pam’s wedding cake, my favorite part (hard to narrow it down) was the photo booth.  Such a great idea.  More on that in a minute. 
K & Z - Just Married!
Z and his cousin got married on the same day
so they got together for a few minutes for pictures

Oh and let’s see: Aunt SW (with Uncle BW’s blessing, I’m SURE) made deviled eggs and ham dip.  Yes, THE ham dip that is our all-time most popular post on this blog by a mile.  Recipe here.  Aunt MW & Uncle MW cooked four hams (yes, you read the #4 correctly).
Uncle B and Aunt S - parents of the groom
My cousin MN and Aunt M, baker
of four hams
I can’t forget to mention all my family: my cousin JW & his fiancée JP (whose upcoming wedding will be another good excuse to come back and visit); JW & PW, and their girls N & K; JW and her kids, A,B, M&M (twins – those boys and my girls could tell each other apart when not even adults can – must be some sort of twin telepathy); MW & CW and their girls B,L & R; JW, his girlfriend SS, and his girls K & K; MN and HN; RW & SW and their daughter RW and brand new baby boy CW; MW & AW – and I’m sure I’ve missed someone!
JW & JP - of course I worked my way into nearly every picture
PW and her daughter K
Cousin JW and her dad, Uncle B
MW & CW and their daughter L
Flower girls B (daughter of MW/CW) and
R (daughter of RW/SW) - ADORABLE!
Cousins MW, JW and JW from behind.  Ha!

Of course I can’t forget my cousin Nicole, and her kids DB & Sam.  We are aunties to each other’s kids, and I was pretty darn tickled when one-year-old Sam was happy to come be held by Aunt Ethne.  And I thought it was so cute when DB called my mom Nana just like KD and Easy Mac do.  And they followed my Grandma W around, calling her Great Grandma Wolcott.  So cute.
Sitting still for a picture for exactly one second
Time to go home
Sam & Auntie

In case you’re wondering, most of those ‘W’ initials stand for Wolcott, which is our ancestral name.  In 1630, ten years after the Pilgrims, the Wolcotts came over from England.  A century and a half later, our ancestor, Oliver Wolcott, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. How’s that for cool?
To top off the great picture-taking opportunities, TN and I went through the Upper Peninsula on the way home to dip our toes in freezing cold Lake Michigan.  Oh, and I dropped my phone, again, and cracked the screen, again.  I’ll now stop for a commercial break: Buy The Black Tie Protection From Best Buy When You Buy Your Phone.  Do It.
Pretty sure the ice just melted cuz it was COLD

So back to the photo booth.  One of Z’s friends has a photo booth that people can rent for parties.  There were a ton of props and everyone went into the booth for their photo strip to be taken (naturally I failed to take a picture of the booth).  We didn’t use props since we were just lucky enough to get the kids to look the right direction.  Z and K used the photo strips we took as their guest book, and we signed the page where they taped our photos in (and I failed again to take a pic of the guest book).  Two copies popped out of the machine, too, so we could take one with as a bookmark.  LOVED IT.
So cute!  We had it figured out by the fourth pic

I’m not sure of the cost of the photo booth.  Do a google search for party photo booths in your area.  But here’s a THRIFTY take on the idea: buy a Polaroid camera (I think they even make disposable ones now) and have your guests take Polaroid pictures of themselves for your guest book photo album!  Or use your digital camera and a wireless printer to print photos right there.
Thrifty Nana (my mom - L) and Aunt Pam, Cake Artiste (Nicole's mom - R)

I’ll be back again soon for more Michigan tales, and a Special Report on the making of a wedding cake, with Special Guest Aunt Pam.

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