September 15, 2011


Posted by Lori~

It’s official—REMEMBER:  I HAVE A REBEL CANNON CAMERA!  And I had big plans to make a Rebel Rousers camera club…and it worked!  MISSION—ACCOMPLISHED!

We rousers had a meeting this week.  Several DSLR camera users from my little city, ND town got together and talked cameras. 

First up…we needed a plan.  Each meeting we will decide on a photo assignment (must be shot in manual mode).  Also…each month someone will volunteer to teach a camera “lesson”.

FAB IDEA—RIGHT?  Be on the look-out for some great photos!  And the tips are—guess what?  FREE!

Followers—consider starting a camera club…or a craft club…or a book club…or a coffee club!  Totally WOM-WORTHY!

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